igniting forces

Today shall be chalked up as a win for productivity!  It’s been a power packed day full of check marks and ‘heck yeahs”…all despite the 107 sales calls I’ve received asking for a Jamie & Jim who signed up for an auto loan {Jamie & Jim…I am wishing ill will upon you for the insanity you’ve sent me through.  I’m sure the telemarketers do too after my explicit rap song titled “Stop Calling” blasted their ear drum.}  And now I think I need a glass of wine. A bottle of Cupcake’s Red Velvet actually {at noon…..thanks Jaime and Jim.}  This bottle and I go back.  We have history together.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the first time I met Aja and Jay.  Aja and I had been chatting for a few months prior to our first meeting.  Her excitement was infectious and everything about her was radiant!! Her down-to-earth demeanor was a breath of fresh air!!  While the two were in town visiting, we made a point to have a little wine and cheese night at Aja’s parent’s home where the wedding was going to take place.  Being taught you never go to someone’s house empty handed, I of course brought along a few bottle of wine!  Now, I’ll admit…I like red wines and champagne….aside from that I don’t really care about anything else and I tend to buy based on the labels.  If a label makes me laugh or is intriguing…I’m sold! Being what I like to call myself, a cupcake connoisseur, Cupcake Vineyards had me at first glance a few years back!  So with my Cupcake Red Velvet and Angel Food bottles of wine….I was off to meet Aja and Jay!  Lets just say that when my feet hit the marble stair case with a massive crystal chandelier overhead, I was wishing more than anything I hadn’t chosen my $9.99 bottles of wine!!!!!!!  However, as soon as I was met with Aja and Jay’s adorable personalities, huge hugs, and announcement they loved Cupcake wines…..well…right then I knew everything about them I needed to know, to know that I adored them!!!!  After 2.5 hours of sharing stories and laughing, I left that night knowing I’d see their wedding in a completely different way then just being their wedding photographer.

Most photographers might leave a wedding in tears if their wedding that day didn’t have any real time for portraits.  I on the other hand left this wedding {literally} bursting with happy tears over the story that unfolded and incredible moments that were captured that day.  Aja and Jay’s wedding was a day so full of emotion, that I’ll never forget it.  It was like love’s greatest force has been ignited.  That day was one I had always crossed my fingers and toes for in my dreams hoping to one day have!  I mean….even the lighting in that house was sheer perfection.  I could probably write all day about how each of the moments below unfolded and the stories behind them….but I’m pretty sure Aja and Jay’s smiles, tears, laughter, and excitement clearly tell the story about how they felt that day!  It was a day like none other!!  And you better believe that I was wiping away tears while Aja’s dad peeked around the corner looking at her while she took one final look at herself in the mirror before walking down the aisle.  {Note to photographers….shove kleenex in your camera bag for moments like these!!}



In love with Aja & Jay’s wedding video documented by Momentus Films.  Watch…you’ll be drawn in and captivated by this couple’s love for each other and life by their smiles and laughter!!!

JAYJA | May the 4th be with you. from Celia Hilton on Vimeo.


Wedding Coordinator | Christina Gillon

Reception Venue | Gulf Place

Florist | Myrtie Blue

Cake | Confections on the Coast

Caterer | Dine by Design

Videography | Momentus Films

Band | Rhythm Nation

Make-up | Two Fishes Artistry

Officiant | Kevin Tillman

Alexis -


Jared Knetzer -


Romi Cortier -

Beyond Stunning!

Celia Hilton -

Gorgeous, stunning work Wesleyann! Our team also really loved working with you!

sweet sightings

If you ever find me to be rather quiet {which is a rare find}, it just means that my mind is audibly racing at an ungodly pace!  The last 24 hours have been like this.  There are so many big things that are soon to take place and within the upcoming year that my mind is so overly excited about, yet my bursting heart is incredibly anxious over.  I am someone who dreams big. often.  Dose anyone else ever feel that their passionate dreams and goals become silenced by their insecurities due that little voice somewhere within telling you “you can’t” or that you might fail if you try because you’re not capable or qualified?  Last night while laying in bed, that is exactly how I felt.  I quickly was reminded and found my self soundly resting in these words…”be anxious for nothing…”

In the midst of feeling excited, driven, anxious, and at times slightly inadequate…these incredible and sweet sighting are, I think, life’s little blessings of encouragement!

Weddings Illustrated Magazine‘s latest issue is hot off the press!  For months, I’ve been exploding with excitement and anxiously waiting to see and hold Suzan and Christian’s Rosemary Beach wedding in PRINT!!!  Last week, that day finally arrived….and it was more beautiful than I imaged!  In a digital world, seeing your work in print is humbling, surreal and euphoric all at the same time….to have captured your own vision for other’s to see and enjoy… and then to become something tangible, is incredibly special!!!  Not only that, but then to also be tucked amongst the pages of such other amazingly talented photographers…well, that reaches an entirely new level of humility!!

Another meaningful find was seeing an image from Katie & Spencer’s first look on their wedding day win a Fearless Photographers award!!!  Having forgot I even submitted images, finding this little jewel gave quite the rush!!

In June, Katie and Kyle‘s adorable wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty.  It just dawned on me that I had not done a “sweet sightings” post with it yet. This is where that little voice of inadequacy starts to chime in….  Their wedding was my very first SMP feature since launching Dear Wesleyann and was a HUGE honor!!  Especially since that couple was very dear to my heart!!

The ever so amazing and sweet Lauren Grove from Every Last Detail wrote an awesome post for the Huffington Post Weddings and used one of my images!

This Real Simple find was only stumbled upon after a morning of checking on my site’s analytics!!

flying solo

The last 3 weeks have been full of travel and flying…a little for pleasure and a little for work.  With fall wedding season kicking off tomorrow, my heart is full.  And my head feeling like it’s about to burst at the seams with inspiration and lessons learned in just these few short weeks!  A few lessons learned:

1. Mexico is good for the soul….yet potentially bad for the liver.

2. Marriages thrive when you intentionally make time to getaway with just each other.

3. Over packing proves worthwhile as long as it’s under 50lbs worth

4. Go ahead and just laugh when flying alone with two kids, because there’s only so many “pity looks” one can take from fellow passengers…especially after your children spill a large soda all over you after a 4.5 hour layover.

5. When flying solo {whether flying alone with kids or running a business by yourself}, don’t be afraid to ask for help.  It’ll preserve a few extra years to your life.

6.  Life is a balancing/juggling act.  I should’ve taken juggling lessons early in life.

7. Family comes first.

Despite feeling like I need a vacation from vacation…taking time to spend it with my little family was a joy…and something I don’t get to do often.  The last 3 weeks also taught me that it’s officially time to cut back and mainly have my business focus on weddings.  As much as I love shooting all aspects of lifestyle photography, weddings are truly what have my heart!  So in order to have balance and boundaries between personal life and work life….a little restructuring is soon to take place! With new destinations on the horizon and flying solo, I decided that I was going to spend today getting back to what’s important and doing what I love….blogging with a cup of coffee {or three} by my side and tunes filling the room!

Even though Chelsea & David’s Rosemary Beach wedding wasn’t just yesterday…it almost feels as though it was!  After getting to know this couple and their families so very well before the big day, made everything about this couple and their wedding day special!!  And then to have the day end with a pink sky…well it was the perfect pastel pallet to accent such a beautiful affair!


Wedding Coordinator | Shelby Peaden Events

Ceremony & Reception Venue | Rosemary Beach Town Hall

Florist | Events by Nouveau Flowers

Cake | Confections on the Coast

Caterer | Townsend Catering

DJ | B-Boy Productions


Lauren @ Every Last Detail -

Beautiful my dear!!! xoxox

Desiree -

WOW, Wesleyann! What a wonderfully sweet wedding this is! You and Shelby did an amazing job! I love those plaid ties…swoon!


In life, there are many simple pleasures that one must indulge in.  And as a girl…well…if it’s pretty, pampering, glittery, sweet, or Kate Spade….you better believe your last bottom dollar {because after said indulgences, that’s most likely all the dollars you…or mainly what I will have left} I will willingly indulge in such things!!  I’m all about tasty cupcakes, extra caffeinated coffee, and a good mix to dance to….but these said indulgences have a tendency to make my knees weak and my pocketbook empty {thankfully I have a husband who keeps the pocketbook and my splurges in check.}  I suppose my love for these things also have to do with why I am so infatuated with weddings….and more specifically this wedding….

Dear Jenny is a girl after my own heart!!  So much so, that we both are in the wedding industry!  However… I put her on a pedestal and chalk her up as a super hero.  Jenny is a wedding coordinator….and well coordinators make the magic happen that I’m able to capture!! Despite my love for decor and design, I only survived as a wedding coordinator for a short while before realizing it just wasn’t my calling {thankfully I figured out what it is.}

After Jenny and Chris’ engagement session, my anticipation only grew greater over this precious couple and all the goodness that their wedding day was going to be!!  When their Carillon Wedding® day arrived….it sent my heart soaring in a way only Kate Spade’s 75% off flashsale can do!! And behold….those Kate Spade inspired gold bow napkins!  I swooned.  And for the record….I don’t swoon.  nor do I ever use the word swoon. or swoon worthy. or epic. But I’ll have y’all know….this wedding was epically swoon worthy!  With the delicate detail of decor, flowers, and linen, to the meaningful ceremony {I’m not going to lie….I totally shed tears during this ceremony}, the infectious love, and the amazingly hilarious dancing…yep…it was absolutely epically swoon worthy.

One of the best parts about this journey with Jenny and Chris…is a new sweet friendship with these two and that Jenny and I get to work together for Jessica and Walker’s stunning Chateau Elan wedding next June!!

So on this Wednesday afternoon, I say grab a glass of bubbly and indulge yourself for the next few minutes…..

Wedding Coordinator | Carillon Weddings®

Ceremony & Reception Venue | Carillon Weddings® at Carillon Beach

Florist | Myrtie Blue

Cake | Confections on the Coast

Caterer | Townsend Catering

Band | Rhythm Nation

Make-up | Paint Me Pretty

Candice -

Hello!! Your work is so beautiful! I always look forward to your new posts! I was wondering if you had any idea wo designs those gorgeous bridesmaid dresses?

Following all the way up in massachusetts

Desiree -

Gah! This is a gilded dream wedding! How lovely 🙂

sweet sightings -

[…] didn’t mind one bit!  Every needle and pin was wonderfully worth each day of waiting to see Jenny and Chris‘ Carillon Wedding in Destination I Do Magazine that hit stands August […]

the good life

Life, love, laughter, cupcakes, and champagne.  Pretty sure that’s about all you need for life’s recipe to happy living {mixed in with a few other things of course}!  While I work on editing and a wedding blog post, I figured what better on this midweek, summer July morning than enjoying the goodness that came from Cassie & Andrew’s lifestyle anniversary shoot.  If I didn’t have so much to do, I’d call it a day after the happy high these images have me on!  Love absolutely everything about this couple and this session!!


{Cassie is a photographer as well…hence the sweet concept and prop ideas!!!}

Significance » Olimb Photography Blog -

[…] the doing in July, I never really took the time to really look through our anniversary photos by Dear Wesleyann. But recently, as Andrew and I sat on the couch, all cuddled together after the storm that was […]

Rici -

This is such a great session! Love how you in cooperated the surrounding, apartment and garden! Cute couple!
~ Saluti.