wind & whirls

It’s this year’s reoccurring theme. “Where did the time go???”  I’ve been on an exciting, wild & crazy tilt-a-whirl ride of sorts the last six months that’s slowly coming to an end, but still has my head spinning as I regain traction!!  Despite my size 10 feet and giant strides, I’m still left feeling as though I’m barely catching up…but have no fear, I’m getting there!!  It’s now June and big new changes are just over the horizon!!!!

June has hit in all it’s hot and humid glory and today is the day that Katie and Ross exchange their “I do’s” in Watercolor! I couldn’t be more excited for these two!!  And truth be told…even a bit happy for the clouds, wind and overcast!  After a blazing hot morning engagement session last year, I’m sure they’re a little thankful as well!  Let the festivities and double header wedding weekend begin!!!!

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model behavior

March has come and gone….and now April too, is quickly coming to an end.  When you pack work and life into 8 different cities in just 7 weeks…it takes a few extra hours of sleep, 2 extra cups of coffee in the morning, far too many loads of laundry, and 10 extra hours needed in a day, to somewhat get back on track.  After the last 7 weeks….I’m on the verge of making my own “I survived and lived to tell” t-shirt!!

Along with all the thousands of images, incredible experiences, and exciting memories I came home with….I also came home with a little something new!!  And the best part….it’s not for me….but a party photobooth for y’all!!  So I may or may not have found a few extra minutes in my day over the weekend to give it a test run for fun….and well….it’s far too much fun!


So to celebrate, I’ve decided it’s time for a giveaway…a photobooth giveaway!!  Enter each day for a chance to win the photobooth {or up to 3 hours} for your wedding or event!  Contest ends Friday {11:59CST} and the winner will be announced on Facebook on Monday {4.28}

While I’m an absolute sucker for photobooths due to them being overly enjoyable…I also find myself weak in the knees over pretty things and sweet couples who love wholeheartedly.  Talking and light hearted laughter comes naturally to me…in every day life and while shooting.  Being in front of a camera doesn’t come naturally for most and silence tends to create a sense of insecurity…so my random rambles come in handy.  Put a beautiful couple who needs no direction, laughs freely, and can be themselves completely with each other all in front of the camera….well…I quickly find myself short of words.  Walking around Watercolor and Seaside with Abbey and Josh was like a walk in the park with friends! Literally.  While they went on with their giggles, kisses, cuddles, and model behavior…I sat quiet, captivated, and clicked away.  If the next couples of months fly by as quickly as the last few, my heart will be content in knowing that Abbey and Josh’s October Alys Beach wedding will be here in no time!!!



Abbey Ferrell -

These could not have turned out more perfect!! Cannot wait for October!!! 😀

Beverly Keller Percival -

I hope and pray your life together is as beautiful as these pictures. GOD bless!

Beverly Keller Percival -

I hope and pray your life together is as beautiful as these pictures. GOD bless!

mint to be

I‘m jumping right into it today. Feet first. Head on. Ready to go {my bags are almost packed and ready to go too!}  Tomorrow, I’m Key West bound for weddings and will be gone for 11 days {I won’t even tell you how many suitcases I have…}  As excited as I am…I’m literally busting at the seems with excited to finally share Blaire and Bill’s Seaside and Alys Beach wedding with y’all.  You may remember seeing Blaire and Bill in the rules of engagement series and how Tropical Storm Karen attempted to throw their wedding day off course.  You may also remember…love never fails…and well, as you can see, Karen left quite the stunning backdrop for this couple’s wedding day that went off with an incredible hitch!  Even if I had no clue who these two were, I would be in love with them just from their images.  But clearly I do know and adore them….and that makes these images all the more beautifully special {read their engagement post for a “how we met” recap!}  The vendors {lead by the fabulous Shelby Peaden Events} from this stunning white and mint wedding, blew me away with how an entire wedding was changed to a day earlier without anyone noticing a single hiccup….seriously…it blows my mind!  As does this wedding…a couple and day that was truly mint to be!!


Marilyn Armstrong Sharum -

Beautiful wedding, Gorgeous bride, and Fantastic wedding photos. Great job.

Rosanne Lewis -

Absolutely breathtaking beautiful! Hated we could not be there!

Amalie Orrange -

Holy moly that was a gorgeous wedding!!

peddle perfection

If you’ve ever been to 30A…bicycles most likely come to mind when daydreaming about the scenic little highway!  The Truman Show wasn’t filmed down here for no reason…it’s as picture perfect as it appears.  With all the traveling I’ve been doing over that last few months, I’m constantly being reminded what a priceless, tucked away treasure this little place is!  The white sugar sand has officially spoiled me.

Lindsay’s and my path crossed a few years back…and thanks to social media our paths never really wondered too far apart!!!  When I saw that she and Stephen were engaged, my heart skipped a beat with excitement for them!  When an email popped up early one morning a few days later about shooting their wedding, my heart beat right out of my chest!!  Just a few weeks later, Lindsay, Stephen and I met up in Alys Beach to stroll the cobble stone street for happy laughs and even a pupped a few bubbles in celebration of Lindsay’s birthday weekend!  The evening ended peddling a bicycle for two down the streets of Rosemary, white sand, a pink sky, along with a couple who is head over heels in love and adorable as can be….yep. it was perfection.  Thankfully time is flying by…which makes Lindsay and Stephen’s August Watercolor wedding just around the corner!


Amy Riley Wobser -

Beautiful Session!

Natasha Hilgenberg Seaman -

You have such a great eye for beauty and perfection. Its the simple things and mini moments that make a silent photo sing with love and harmony, making them priceless. You seem to capture them all, I adore your style and pictures.

wakeful waves

1069 miles driven. 15 hours of Spotify tunes streamed. 12 hours of shooting. 10 cups of coffee. 4 days. 2am bed times. 0 active brain cells.  After an incredible weekend wedding at the Biltmore Estate, it’s back to the daily grind!!  Waking up this morning to images of Nikki’s laughter and her wave, has officially made my Monday.  Nikki and Adam’s Carillon Wedding has brought me to a bright and happy place with all the smiles, sweet moments, and beautiful details!!  I have another blog post for this week before I head to Key West on Thursday.  This week I suppose could be considered my pit stop posts as I drive by and wave {Nikki style of course}!!!!

Not sure it gets more drastic than going from the Biltmore Estates in the Mountains down to the Hemingway House in the Keys.  Stay tuned, keep in touch, and follow!

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Mary Griffith -


Judy Ishman -

What an amazing day and celebration so full of love. Beautiful pictures capturing every emotion!