soulfully fresh

Taking in a deep breath of salty sea air warms the soul…however fresh ‘ol mountain air is just as soulful!  The end of March, Emily and I ventured to North Carolina for Stephanie & CJ’s rustic wedding and refreshed our sunshine hearts with crisp mountain air!  The mountains in Andrews may have been chilly, but warm welcomes and rolling mountain backdrops echoing with laughter made it a memorable wedding weekend!  Not to mention a bluegrass band with banjos that gave me a new found love for my homegrown country roots.  And all this time I thought I wasn’t much of a country music fan.  I may or may not  listen to Wagon Wheel on repeat just to reminisce such a wonderful evening spent at the Hawksdene House with amazing people!

Ceremony & Reception Venue | Hawksdene House, Andrews, North Carolina

Cake | Short Street Cakes

Caterer | Hawksdene House

Band | The Whiskey Rebellion


Linda & Bob Beville -

That was surely a fairly tale wedding!
My goodness it was so wonderful to view that fairly tale,with such gorgeous
Photography ……
We are thrilled for the both of you, keep that fairy tale going always

blessings + rain boots

Over the years, I’ve learned that life’s truest tests tend to come when faced with unforeseen challenges and adversity.  I’ve also realized that these tests can be not just to challenge one’s character…but also ones craft!  And at times….it can be used to challenge both!

I first knew I adored Paige after our first few emails!  Her kindness, grace, and genuine happiness radiated from the words she wrote and always seemed to bring about smiles!  I had been anxiously awaiting her and Patrick’s Rosemary wedding and couldn’t wait for the day to arrive!  After our afternoon coffee date on a Saturday afternoon in February, I was even more stoked for the wedding day!  We chatted about all the different spots we would do their first look and portraits….Rosemary would become our stomping and tromping ground on March 23rd!

Let’s splash back to March, shall we?!  Remember me talking about Mother Nature’s fury of endless rain?  It was no joke.  And on March 23rd it was no laughing matter…or at least on that day it wasn’t!  On that specific Saturday, heaven’s clouds relinquished the biggest rain drops I’ve possibly ever seen.  And that’s saying a lot, given this is Florida and have braved through hurricanes.  So putting my best rain booted foot forward, I left my house with garbage bags and giant umbrellas!  With such gloomy weather, I was bound and determined to find something to brighten the day for Paige and her lady entourage…so I jetted to Target and left with wedding colored umbrellas.  Despite the foul weather….this girl was on fire and ready to go!

In Florida, rain tends to come and go through out the day…it’s just the natural order of process here.  I get that.  And so naturally, I expected some sort of a break.  As did every wedding vendor that day.  I laugh now…only because the sight that day was truly one I’ve never seen.  When coordinators and designers start whipping out shop vacs to suck up rushing waters into the reception tent, you just brace yourself, because at that point…you’ve pretty much seen it all!!  This is why you hire wedding coordinators and professionals y’all!!!!!!  It’s A Shore Thing and Nouveau rocked it in a way I’ve only seen those ladies {and gents} do!!  {Let me say that again one more time…..hire wedding coordinators and wedding professionals for your wedding day!!!}

March 23rd may have been a day of dark clouds, little light, flooded streets, blown over vases, and shop vaced blades of grass…but in the face of adversity, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bride and groom light up a room with laughter, love, patience, class, grace and such a willingness to just go with the flow…all with a smile on their face!  You know you’re amongst some amazing people when even Paige and her ladies willingly waltzed out into gail force winds and rain just to try for an umbrella picture.  Seriously.  I was the one that bailed and darted off first for fear of ruined camera gear…and here all these ladies, despite the great possibility of destroying hair, make-up, and dresses all before the ceremony, did it with laughter!!

Immediately following the ceremony there was about a 30 minute break and raindrops were spared.  I’m pretty sure God held on tight to those clouds for that short amount of time, just so we could get a few outdoor pictures!!  I learned so much from that rainy Saturday in March.  My talent was tested, my quick thinking capabilities challenged, and perhaps my umbrella entourage attempts went off as, at best, satisfactory…but what I learned from Paige, Patrick, their families, and friends, was by far the greatest blessing!  The only thing that brought down the party that night was the band….not one foot was left not tapping.  Even my feet. In my rain boots.

The clouds, wind and rain may have put up quite a fury that day, but Paige and Patrick came out on top with the greatest reward and blessing…a new and beautiful marriage!!


Wedding Coordinator | It’s A Shore Thing Wedding & Events

Ceremony & Reception Venue | Rosemary Beach, Florida

Florist | Events by Nouvean Flowers

Cake | Confections on the Coast

Caterer | Townsend Catering

Band | Accent

Videographer | Diva Productions

Holly Gardner -

Only you could make such a dreary day look so shiny and colorful. Beautiful work, Wesleyann. And congrats to the newlyweds!!!

joyful treasures

I think someone forgot to let Mother Nature know that it’s May…and that she may now turn off the heavy April showers and let the May flowers begin blooming!  All the dark clouds outside should have me rejoicing since I’m submerged up to my hair follicles in editing.  However…I would like to be rejoicing while submerged under my covers and in a deep late afternoon slumber {dreaming of my to-dos magically being checked off}!  I know for some, naps are tabu.  For me…it’s a small taste of nostalgic rejuvenation in my day…that all to rarely never occurs!  I would gladly go back to the days of innocence, never ending belly laughs, crayons, finger paints, and nap time!!  Thankfully, I have two precious little ones who I get to watch enjoy life’s simple and sweet pleasures! I’ll gladly and vicariously live through their sweet little happy moments!

When life hands you sweet happies…hold on to them!  Tightly. remember them. often. treasure them. forever.  This week my husband and I attended the funeral {or as we call them in the South, a celebration of life} of his Great Aunt Carol.  Even though I never really knew Aunt Carol very well, I found myself smiling, laughing, and shedding tears as I listened to stories, memories and saw pictures of her life.  It was a reminder to treasure the joys of life, love wholeheartedly those you hold dear, and to live a life worthy of legacy.

Coming home to work on Rachel & Bart’s Carillon Wedding® to blog, was another perfect reminder of these things!  Their day was so richly blessed and full of sweet smiles, tender touches, and light hearted laughs with those that were close to to the two of them and loved them dearly!  Their love and wedding day was a testament to the gift of life’s greatest joys!

Cristina Schoeppl Reeder -

If Bart lost his ring, he might be able to get it back. Someone found a ring that looks suspiciously like the one you photographed with the names Bart and Rachel on it….. I called and left a message for you to please see if you can help find out if this is their ring………which was found at a St. Pete beach…..

sweet sightings

No matter how many times I’m blessed and incredibly honored to see my images featured on blogs, my grin is always the same size….HUGE!  A little over 2 weeks ago, I’m pretty sure my heart leaped from my chest after getting off the phone with Maria from Style Me Pretty and hearing the news I had been accepted into their Little Black Book!!  I probably should’ve gone out to celebrate because for me, it was a celebratory new milestone kind of day {I’ve had champagne since, so I suppose that counts}!!

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been thrilled to see so many weddings and sessions pop up all over the internet of couples I so adore!!  Thank you to Coastal Bride, Floridian Weddings, & Rock N’ Roll Bride for the sweet words and features!!

Lauren + Brad’s Rosemary Wedding featured on Coastal Bride {y’all need to check out Gillian’s new blog…it’s amazing and beautiful}

Megan & Ben’s Carillon Wedding® featured on Floridian Weddings Blog

Sabrina & Erik’s Carillon Wedding® made the Rock N’ Roll Bride’s Thursday Treats list!

Jenny & Chris‘ Rosemary Beach and Alys Beach Engagement Session featured on Coastal Bride

oh happy day

Oh happy day…Friday has finally arrived!!  For most, it’s the beginning of a weekend packed with fun and relaxation.  For me, it means I get to walk away from sitting behind a desk all week {I try not to laugh when people ask me if I’m a part-time photographer} and stepping behind my lens to capture another fun, beautiful wedding.  Last fall was wonderful….crazy wonderful.  And by crazy I mean the hands on my clock weren’t spinning fast enough to keep up with how quickly I was counting down the days until “slow season.”  I whole heartedly adore what I do, but I couldn’t wait for life to slow down and to just breathe.  I don’t think life every actually slowed down…however, stepping away from shooting and editing for a few weeks was a breathe of much needed fresh air!  Figuratively speaking…that fresh air was exactly what my mind and soul needed…to renew and restore in me a clear mind, open eyes and a happy heart for all the amazing things 2013 had in store!!

Genny & Logan’s wedding was the first wedding of the year…and beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe it!  My toes may have been cold that February afternoon…but my heart is still  full of warmth from that day!  Their wedding ceremony that took place at dusk in the Seaside chapel amongst family and friends filled up every inch within those four walls with love and laughter.  When it came to the reception….well not only did love, laughter, and music fill the tent, but neon shades, glow sticks, and metallic beads covered the dance floor!!  Genny and Logan’s wedding was the perfect way to kick off what has, so far, been an unbelievable year!!!

So before I walk away from my desk and behind my lens for another wedding weekend….Genny & Logan’s wedding it the perfect way to end on a happy note!!


Wedding Coordinator | It’s A Shore Thing Wedding & Events

Ceremony & Reception Venue | Seaside, Florida

Florist | Florals by the Sea

Cake | Confections on the Coast

Caterer | Townsend Catering

Band | Compozitionz

Make-up | Yvette Nation

Hair | Debby Murphy