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growing in spontaneity

very now and then…you just have to get away. To clear your mind, calm the noise, awaken your soul, challenge your creativity, and ignite your passion. It’s easy to get lost in chaos…never taking time to just be and refuel. Over a year ago, I remember having the same feelings as I did this past […]

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captain cuzzies

s long as I don’t look at the outside temperature, I’m pretty sure I can smell a hint of fall in the air! For a girl who craves the change of seasons, the Florida heat of hot viagra without prescription and hotter has a tendency to severely lack in satisfying such a need! Thankfully, brilliant […]

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braids, buns & bouffants

omething I’m working hard on lately, is to become self-aware….to know all there is to know about the person I am…my strengths, weaknesses, successes and failures. Let me just say this….learning things about yourself is like looking in the mirror in the morning with a hangover. it’s downright scary!! But unless you look in the mirror, […]

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