Meet Wesleyann

With an eye for radiant beauty, lighthearted laughter, and intricate details, I thrive on telling my couples' stories through still frames that captivate the eyes and heart! Building lasting relationships and creating compelling keepsakes of love that transcends is what sends my heart soaring.

From behind the lens...I'm a wanderlust chaser, excessive packer, master misspeller, deep thinker, shower singer, carefree dancer, sunset catcher, star gazer, big dreamer, Southern kind of girl.  After living abroad for many years, small pieces of my heart can be found all over! To say I jump at the opportunity to travel for destination weddings...may be an understatement! Over the last few years, milage has been made as we've captured weddings from the beaches of 30A, Key West and Tulum to the mountains of Vail, Colorado to blue waters of Turks and Caicos and the Italian mountain side village of Ravello!



Instagram : @dearwesleyann

Favorite Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavor: Phish Food

Where you'd find me at a party: Right in the middle of the dance floor, both hands in the air, and probably singing incorrect song lyrics like I just don't care

Most fitting nickname ever given: Happy Feet

Fact about me that suprises people: I like roughing it in the great outdoors and I snowboard

Personality Type: ENFP

Top 5 bucket list destinations: Greece, Banff, Morocco, Thailand, Napa

If I were a cocktail, I would be...a Paloma -- bright, pink and sweet, with a bit of tart and sour

Favorite destination wedding location to date: Ravello, Italy