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Growing up…my memory was on point. At all times.  I was quick as a whip.  I could remember everything from homework assignments, names, birthdays, key dates all the way to remembering what outfit I wore on the first day of school…every single year from kindergarten to 12th grade. These days…the only thing on point is my morning coffee.  In school, I viewed keeping an assignment book as useless…now it doesn’t matter if I have reminders on everything from planners, post-its, to pop-ups…if it’s remembered…it’s a down right miracle {cue in the first line of Hot Chocolate}!

Remembering day to day tasks is one thing…but sometimes we need life reminders–reminders to love deeply and spend time with the people in life that matter, to be grateful for the blessings and gifts you’ve been given, and a reminder as to why you love what you get to do for a living.  Then sometimes…all those little reminders find a way to merge into one massive reminder.

Last year, my job brought me to The Wildflower Barn near Austin, TX for a wedding. It wasn’t just any wedding, for just any couple….it was to capture the precious love story of my sweet college roommate from freshman year, Abbie. I’m still not convinced it was 12 years ago that Abbie and I strolled the aisles of Target…filling our carts with our matching dorm room decor of purple and lime green.

Abbie and I may have been as opposite as they come…but she made me smile some of the greatest and biggest grins!!! Abbie was a Music Major and I was Psychology at Grove City College {glad to know at least one of us actually went on to use her degree}. Abbie woke up singing songs of joy, had a pep in her step and dressed in the cutest outfits down to her matching socks, all at the crack of dawn for class….while I was lucky if I made it to my 10AM class on time…and always in the sweats I rolled out of bed in!!

You see…because I knew Abbie…I saw her wedding day differently.  She wasn’t just a bride.  She was a bride I knew, who had a special place in my heart and who’s family I knew {actually, I knew her sister, Amy, long before I knew Abbie….which is how we came to be roommates}.  Capturing Abbie and Zac’s wedding and being able to tell their story wasn’t just a job…but a joy. It was also a reminder that I have a pretty important and incredible job that allows me to be and do all the things I love–travel, be creative, cherish others and to tell their stories.  Some day are incredibly overwhelming and stressful {like today}, but days like Abbie & Zac’s day that are filled with love and joy…give each day even more meaning!  Meaningful reminders–memory back on point.

Seeing this precious wedding and sweet Abbie’s face now has me in all smile.  Nothing like a little walk down memory lane and a freashman year remix to put a pep in my step and filling my airwaves…even at 11PM.

Sweet dreams are surely to ensue. Night y’all!

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