salt life

In the last few days, it’s as if all of Nashville has come alive.  Sun is bright, mercury is rising, Las Paletas popsicles are dripping, and parks are packed. And by packed…I mean packed with hammocks! {Which…I’ll have y’all know, I have succumb to this happy hammock living and will be blogging from my hammock in the park from now on.} After living a salt life for 9 years….I never realized how addicted to sunshine I’ve become.  With far too many weeks of winter and feeling like I was living trapped inside a Frozen scene {you can only build a snowman so many times}, my soul is back to smiling with this warmer weather.  Thankfully, wedding season is back in full gear, so my toes are nestled back in the sugary sand come weekends.

Just before moving to Nashville, I hopped on board Savanna and Harrison’s boat…bare feet and all…and spent the evening on the water.  I’m not sure if there’s anything better than an evening on a deserted Shell Island with a sweet pair, their pup and a big pink sky.   Now that the Gulf is no longer in my backyard, my love and admiration for the salt life is far greater!  I’m not going to lie…between Nashville  and little loves by week…30A and precious clients by weekend…life is sweet.


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