loads of love

No hammock blogging today.  Since it’s raining, I’m blogging from a 3 foot pile of laundry that needs to be folded.  It’s a working load kind of day.  3 feet of laundry is what happens when you travel every 5 days!!  But I’m tackling today at full force, one load at a time!!!

36 weddings. 57 sessions. 29 Flights. 2 little loves. 1 Big Move.  If y’all heard last year was a loaded year…I wasn’t yanking your chain!  When I say I have some serious goodness from an entire year to blog…I ain’t kidding about that either!!  Get ready….

So while Adam and Ashley have already tied the knot in Rosemary {which is in the blogging que of soon to be bloggest goodness}….it’s time to share a tid bit of goodness from their engagement session. Before Adam, Ashley and I began out roaming and Rosemary take over, I sat on th ebench and read through the questionnaire Ashley had filled out when she had booked.  So there I sat…one day in May, on a bench, staring at my phone, getting strange stares from incessant outburst of laughter {I actually get stares often from laughing at my phone.  I’m used to it now.}  Ashley’s hilarious remarks about how the two met was narrated perfectly to the lune of laughter, love, and light blue vnecks!

Couples who are beautiful, sweet, and laugh often…it’s translates into loads of lovely goodness.


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