rustic roots

We anxiously await for that time of year to roll around when we can say goodbye to spring fever and say hello to summer lovin’ and easy livin’.  Watermelon seed spitting, the smell of hot asphalt after an afternoon shower with a hint of freshly cut grass, windows down accompanied by playlists blaring, cut off jean shorts, tank tops, aviators, bare feet, and long summer days.  Those things just never get old {however, the heat & humidity…that gets old. fast.}

For some…summertime goes a bit deeper. into the woods. and down the river. and consists of canoes, canteens, cabins and campfires.  I don’t know about y’all, but most of my childhood summers were spent away at camp.  Not quite your Wet Hot American Summer, Heavyweights, or even Earnest Goes to Camp experiences. But rather…my days began with trumpets sounding at the crack of dawn and rolling out of a bunk bed, meals in the mess hall, horse back riding, wood whittling, hiking, archery, canoes, kumbayas, and s’mores.  Next week, I venture out into the wild to channel my childhood camping excursions for 3 days of hiking and camping in Colorado.  I’m not quite sure where this continued shock from so many keeps coming from when I bring this up…but I’ll have y’all know, despite what you may all think, I have no problem roughing it in the wilderness.  This woman is prepared and fully stocked with all the essentials. A tent, sleeping bag, backpack, flashlights, lighters, batteries, bluetooth speakers, a polaroid camera, and Cards Against Humanity.  Don’t doubt for one second that there won’t be campfire dance parties going down. I’m so committed to this….that I even caved and purchased a pair of chacos {which mind you, I sore on all things good and fashionable, that I would never cave on such unfortunate looking footwear. Kate Spade would disown me if she knew.} Ugly shoes aside,  I fully expect to return home as a more enlightened, self actualizing, and empowered little lady!  Myself and two other gals are clearly ready y’all. Have no fear. We will survive.  However….just incase, I’ll be sure to tweet the campsite coordinates just to be safe should no one hear from us after 3 days!!

While some have to go away to summer camp or travel to have such experiences, Lindsey had most of it right in her backyard!!!  Showing up for Lindsey and Justin’s wedding on their family farm and vineyard with ponds, docks, row boats, horses, and stables was like a childhood dream.  Who am I kidding…it’s a dream no matter how old you are.The day was perfect and perfectly fit for these two.  With the family barn completely transformed with candle light, hanging lanterns, draping, and a custom barrel bar….rustic roots met elegant charm at it’s finest and was immersed in meaningful family heirlooms.  The night was only complete with hay stacks, a bonfire, s’mores, and being serenaded in a bridal party rendition of Call Me Maybe.



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