pass to bubbles

Most have found themselves in this situation before.  Your boarding pass reads B52 and you instantly know you’re bound to the back of the line. You bored your Southwest flight with bags in tow, scanning the seats praying there, just by chance, might be a window seat open {or should you have bad knees from one too many snowboarding mishaps like me….you hope through divine intervention that an aisle seat is open.}  But with a B52 pass…your chances of being stuck between an open mouth snorer and an arm rest hogger who wants to talk about their cat for 2 hours in the back by the bathrooms is the best luck you’ll most likely have.  Because let’s just be honest…if it wasn’t for bad luck, you’d have no luck at all.  And God forbid you get stuck sitting next to a creeper!!  However, somehow you must have prayed extra hard the night before…because in the middle of the plane are two open seats next to a girl with a sweet smile.  PRAYERS ANSWERED.

A year ago, I found myself in this situation.  After settling in my seat, Angelina and I soon found ourselves chatting away our 2 hour flight. As we departed the plane, she mentioned her best friend had recently got engaged.  So I smiled and handed her my business card….never expecting to hear anything.

A few months later a sweet inquiry popped up in my inbox from a bubbly girl named Megan who heard about me from her best friend…who just so happened to sit next to me on a plane!  Who would’ve ever thought that that one day on a Vegas bound flight, sitting next to a girl named Angelina, would eventually bring us to today!!  That boarding pass was a straight pass to bubbles.  Today Megan and Blake tie the knot and I honestly feel like I’m about to walk out the door to capture a sweet friend’s wedding!!!  After a first failed frigid January attempt at a bridal session, April brought better luck as Megan, her mom, close friend Bonnie and I tromped around Alys Beach!  Megan’s beauty radiated and her smile accompanied by her infectious laughter has had me anxiously awaiting this day…her wedding day!!

After double tapping all of Megan, Angelina and Bonnie’s instagram images this morning…I’m wishing I was popping bottles of bubbly on the beach with these girls from the start of the day!!  Because clearly we’re now all friends…it’s just what happens when you’re instagram followers!  Alas….it’s now almost go time.  And I’ve been ready!!!!  And thank goodness, because I’ve been anxiously awaiting to post these images since the second the shutter released!!!

At 5:30PM CST, these two officially became MR. & MRS HARRIS…so at 5:31PM….it’s now ok to post these!!!


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  • Beaufort Bride - These are BEAUTIFUL! ReplyCancel

  • Megan Harris - OMG just got to read this… im soooo in love with these images and you! you are amazing!!! ReplyCancel

  • Resa Lankford Evans - Well you made me cry again! This was absolutely like a fairytale looking at these pictures. They are so beautiful. You definitely had the wedding you always dreamed of Megan and I am so thrilled that I got to be a part of it! ReplyCancel

  • Betty Smith - Beautiful pictures.ReplyCancel