ripples of laughter

I‘m not sure if it’s the coffee, the invest morning workout, or the sunshine and warming temps….but something has put a kick in my step and a fire beneath my behind {sue in Alicia Keys belting out “This Girl Is On Fire.”}  In T minus 6 days this southern dear is headed to Vegas for WPPI.  Ok. Maybe caffeine, sweat, and warmth have nothing to do with my motivation other than sheer excitement for what all next week entails!  In the midst of emails and edits…it’s time to crank out a few more {way overdue} blog posts!

Sweet and intimate are almost a given in this career!  But an at home and backyard wedding…well that makes those sweet, intimate moments even more special! Needless to say, Teri & Steve’s at home wedding was just that!!  But a backyard poolside wedding on the bay….where do I sign-up for one of these to have on a regular basis?!  Despite all the water hazards, everyone managed to remain on dry land!  The only thing causing ripples was all the laughter!

From our first meeting at Starbucks, Teri & Steve’s engagement session, to the day of their “I Do’s”….I loved spending time with them and their family so very much!!  Being around her family, almost felt like being home…Teri’s dad’s business man personality filled with quiet, tender moments reminded me so very much of my own dad! The couple’s wedding was full of so many happy moments that were infectious with laughter!  Laughter….it made the sweet, intimate, backyard wedding just that much better!!

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