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There are those people…who…forget the world around you…you know exactly what they’re thinking and what’s going on just by their facial expressions.  Their intense and animated excitement, pug pursed lips and crooked eyebrow, or watery eyes full from tears somehow have a way of telling the story they surround.  Some may refer to them as the “heart on their sleeve,” easy to read type.  I….have been told…am one of those people.  When I watch tv or movies…apparently my facial expressions are more animated than the actors that are gracing the wide screen.  And if I’m watching some sappy romantic chick flick…look out…cause more than likely my grins will be great and wide and floods of sweet tears may soon follow!!  Yesterday while on the phone with a new bride, her own excitement seemed to permeate through the telephone lines and right onto my face.  While on the phone, I backpedaled  after passing a mirror and seeing my reflection…only to realize the same overly-exaggerated ridiculous and uncontrollable grin I get while watching tv…I also get when talking on the phone {only lots more hand movement involved.}  Today…I realized I have the same issue when my favorite song blasts over the airwaves with my foot to the peddle {these overly loud tunes and excitement may or may not have resulted in 1 or 2 speeding tickets.}   And now….I find that same exact grin on my face while looking at these precious and carefree images of Mr. Chase running, splashing along the shoreline, and fishin’ with his daddy!

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