be intentional

Be Intentional.  Two words.  Rather than New Years resolutions, I’ve decided to claim a motto for this year!  To be intentional….to make an intentional effort in all areas….my marriage, my kids, my friendships, my career, and my personal life.

When Jared and I got engaged, we read the book “The Most Important Year in A Woman/Man’s Life.”  I remember reading a chapter in the book that mentioned making an intentional effort to schedule dates with each other {at least 6 a week}…because if you don’t they won’t happen and your schedule with control you rather than you controlling it.  I remember thinking, “seriously, that’s so ridiculous.  I don’t want my marriage to be ‘scheduled.’ we’re young, in love, happy, and spend time together all the time.”  Right….lets fast forward 7 years.  These days, I pretty much need to schedule reminders for my meals just so I remember to eat.  Dates?  {I wish you could hear me laughing right now!}  Throw kids in the mix, and you’re lucky to get one night out a month.  Spontaneity was so much easier 7 years ago!  Now, my spontaneity consists of the thought “lets go to a movie tonight ” early in the day, only to realize after texting every baby-sitter in my phone, that no one is available.  Delivery pizza it is.  With paper plates.  and solo cups.  {less clean up makes life easier!} After one too many failed attempts at date nights, I realized that to make dates happen, I must intentionally plan for them!  Which reminds me, I need to plan our Valentines date!

Same thing in all the other areas: wine nights with friends, lunches spent with my grandmother, crafts and t-ball with my kids!  My iCal may look like a messy rainbow, but at least I know now that there is a pot of time well spent at the end!! intentional..

All this talk gives me an idea!!!!  Since it’s engagement season and years after reading this book as an engaged couple myself, I’m giving away this book to an engaged couple!!  If you’re engaged…well…it’s a must read!  Consider this an early Valentines gift and spreadin’ the love!!!! So here you go and enter below!!

Calling ALL engaged couples!!

No purchases necessary to enter…{ie. I don’t have to be your wedding photographer!} Winner will be chosen at random and announced in a blog post on Friday, February 8th!

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My excitement to blog  Katie and Kyle’s wedding happened long before the wedding had even happened!  From the get go, Katie’s personality and excitement was infectious!  Receiving her emails always made my day…then receiving her save-the-dates and wedding invitations we’ll I was ecstatic!  When I finally had the chance to to meet her, we sat outside along the Rosemary Beach sidewalks and talked as though we had known each other forever!  It possibly could’ve had something to do with the fact that we both are from Memphis {well…that’s where I’m originally from} and had so much in common!  The day of the wedding, I felt like I was watching a sweet friend marry her soul mate and laughed  and teared up through out the day!  Months later, between Katie’s emails and instagram feed brighten my day!!!  Did I mention I was excited to blog this wedding!?!