two souls :: one pair

I adore this couple and love this Rosemary Beach engagement session.  Chelsea and David are in fact the perfect pair…but Chelsea and I are a pair that fits rather well too!  I mean….we kinda love the same things.  Take Fyre boots for example.  When Chelsea stepped out of the car and we both were wearing Frye boots…well….I just knew!  Actually, I think after our first few emails we knew…the boots were just affirmation.  Funny thing is…Chelsea and David met in Saks.  In the shoe department.  And if it was by the Frye boots…that’s it.I’m sold. Frye Boots– making the perfect pair. {if this line shows up anywhere….you saw it here first}

sigh. can it be April 27th yet?  I’m ready for Chelsea & David’s wedding!!!!!