little miss priss

Today marks little Liam's 2nd birthday.  As quickly as time passes, it's amazing how so much manages to happens in that amount of time and the many memories made!  Some of you may remember his birthday last year…..I literally laugh just thinking about it.  With the launch of dear wesleyann just 2 days later….sweet heavens…I was a train wreck!  Thank the good Lord I've managed to at least remember his birthday this year.  However, next year I hope to be better and get all his presents ahead of time…and not 2 hours before he opens them!  baby step….  

Sweet Alice is just one month younger than Liam…and having been apart of her little life puts a smile on my face!!  So much personality, so much spunk, and way too much cuteness to handle.  With two little boys, Miss Alice and her gold glittery shoes and hair bows made my day feel of so happy and complete {despite all the rain that day in Dothan, Alabama}!!!!!  And then hearing her say “miss wes”…well….my heart melted.

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