fast forward spins and grins

Almost 2 weeks ago, I sat in the Nashville airport for a 2 hour layover before heading to Raleigh, NC and realized how crazy and wonderful life’s outcomes can be!! 8 years ago, I never would

have imagined {my own personal planned } life’s journey that was bound for Nashville…to be what it is today!! 8 years ago {this very week} was the week something pulled on my heartstrings and a small, quiet voice whispered for this 19 year old big dreamer to head further south to the Gulf Coast. Big dreams and a small beach town didn’t seem like a great fit at the time. The beach in January {the month I moved}, rings nothing but a silent stillness….however…it was exactly what I needed in that moment. After more than a few loud, rough nights…I used to spend my mornings running along the beach in the thick heavy fog. In Florida…humidity still exists in full force even in the winter. I remember running as long and as far as my week legs and heart would carry me. Some days, no matter how far I ran, it never seemed to be far enough. It was a point in my life where I knew my life had purpose…but knowing what that purpose was intended for and where life was going to take me was more foggy than any morning run on the beach. Even in uncertainty, I still held tight to those big dreams.

Fast forward 2.5 years. There I lay in bed next to my husband {who ironically was the first boy my heart fell for at the age of 14}, in our first tiny little house as home owners…faced wondering what our future held. This time though, we faced the foggy future together. I had just taken a job at a resort as a wedding event manager and was excited. Jared had just graduated from college with a bachelors degree in something he realized he had no interest in {criminology}. I remember telling him how I wanted nothing more than to encourage him, support him, push him in what it was that he was passionate in…but I couldn’t do that unless he knew what that passion was. A week later…Jared had enrolled at the Art Institute for Graphic Design. What at the time was exciting, also seemed like a huge setback.

Fast forward 5.5 years. 6.5 years of marriage, two little rambunctious & lovable boys, 2 weeks away from closing on a home we built, 11 months as a blessed business owner and photographer, and one incredibly talented graphic designer….later. Here we are. Who would’ve thought??? crazy.

Fast forward to today. Actually, this is about a month late {but lately, that’s just reality}. I want to give Jared a huge shout out! About a year ago, Jared launched {for professional photographers} an album design company called Spins & Grins. Last month, he partnered with WHCC as one of their featured designers. I couldn’t be more proud of all that he set out to do and has since accomplished {and especially thankful and proud of the branding and design he did for Dear Wesleyann}!! Jared and I have finally found what our passion is as individuals {me :: photography | him :: graphic design} and how to encourage, support, and push each other to be the best we can be. Sure there are times I’d like to push him out the front door or off the bed as well….but life and love are a constant journey of ups and downs…and sometimes the downs are waaaayyy far down. However…where our purpose resides is One that does not falter and is always constant. Over the last 8 years, I’ve realized that faith, love, big dreams, and a small town make for a perfect fit for this little family of 4!

In light of life’s fast forward spins and huge grins…here’s a few spotify spins that will hopfully make you all grin!


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