memories for mom

It seems lately that I’m constantly being reminded of how important it is to have the ones that are most important to you and those sweet moments {many that at the time seem smal

l and uneventful} documented! I’ve said it before…preserving memories for others is where my strength lies…however, not when it comes to my own family. Does anyone else have dusty, unused baby books stuffed in the back of a closet somewhere? …please tell me I’m not the only one! Well…I’ll have y’all know that I’ve been getting better! Can someone please come up with a way to put twitter/facebook/instagram feeds into a book/album? Because I’m pretty sure my kid’s sayings and daily life are well documented via social media!

Knowing that I can’t be the only mom who feels this way, y’all might remember the mother’s day giveaway I had. Lindsey’s excitement over winning this session brought me equally as much joy…especially after finding out that this was going to be the first time they ever had family pictures taken! Her happiness was a reminder of why I love what I do!!

Well here is Lindsey and her ever-so-sweet family’s session…hay barrels, sunshine, tadpoles, swings, dirt roads and an “old crusty bike” {as Lauralie referred to her bike}…all made up for a perfect day in the country!


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