captain cuzzies

As long as I don’t look at the outside temperature, I’m pretty sure I can smell a hint of fall in the air! For a girl who craves the change of seasons, the Florida heat of hot

and hotter has a tendency to severely lack in satisfying such a need! Thankfully, brilliant minds came together and created all things pumpkin spice…candles and lattes! Today after I go and get my caffeine fix with a venti PSL…the rest of my Labor Day will be spent poolside! That’s just how we roll here in the Sunshine State!

With the arrival of Fall, birthday season in this family is also put into full motion! First in the long line-up is my little nephew Huddy! Actually, today is Hudson’s 3rd Birthday! In just a few weeks, my oldest who was once referred to as baby B…is no longer a baby…Little B turns 4! As the laws of thermodynamics and genetics would have it, uncontainable energy, the need for every object to be fast, loud and launchable, and a daily new super hero reenactment puts these two in the “all boy” category! Coming from a family of all girls, this is new and unchartered territory for me! I have learned though…that in order to survive, I have to put on my own superhero cape. Just call me Wonder Woman Wesleyann. After of the last 4 weeks of having both of my kids home, traveling alone with them, all while working….wonder woman is hardly the term that comes to mind!! Nevertheless, each day is somehow conquered! Next on my list of things to conquer…a superhero birthday bash for these two little loves, Brayden and Hudson! Thankfully, I have another superheroine by my side, my sister-in-law, Rescue Rachel {Rescue aka Pepper Pots}!


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