forecast: bright + cheery

Up and at ’em!  Sunshine peeking through the blinds this morning means this household is ready for a day of sunshine! After days of Debby’s dismal dreariness, sunshine almost seems foreign. Hopefully this means with Summer officially here, that sunny days are going to be on the upswing from now on!  I’m tired of drinking milk to fulfill my daily dose of vitamin D!

The Friday afternoon before Katie and Chad’s Saturday wedding, the weather radar wasn’t looking all that promising for clear skies on their big day.  If there’s one thing I’ve learn over the last few years, it’s that you prepare for the worst {with plans A, B, C, and D} and hope and pray for the best!  Well, even with all my efforts in preparation and even bringing along an umbrella holder {aka my husband}…plans A-D were never even needed!  That Saturday afternoon went off without even a glitch…and ended bright and cheery with Katie and Chad hitched!

Today the sun is shinning and I’m hoping that also translates to a bright and cheery group of 3 year olds ready for swim lessons {my teaching days are over…I now am that parent who sits in the chairs and watches while sipping on my coffee}!  However,  I better go and start preparing my plans A-D for my 3 year old’s swimming lessons…because yesterday’s shrills of freak outs left me only needing a bottle of ibuprofen and wishing I was sipping on a stiff coffee! I’m also hoping to have a better hold on my emotions.  Yesterday’s swimming debacle was such a scene that I couldn’t help but laugh. incessantly.  I think I’m going to also bring ibuprofen for their swimming coach since I’m in the gift giving mode today!!

While I come up with bribery tactics….enjoy this sweet and beautiful couple!!

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