braids, buns & bouffants

Something I’m working hard on lately, is to become self-aware….to know all there is to know about the person I am…my strengths, weaknesses, successes and failures. Let me just say this….learning things about yourself is like looking in the mirror in the morning with a hangover. it’s downright scary!! But unless you look in the mirror, you aren’t going to know how to fix all the dark circles and stray hairs! Right now…I’m just thankful to have concealer and hairspray because it’s taking awhile to tame this beast!

I knew at a rather young age that I had a tendency to be an overly passionate person. I can’t help the fact that I get excited when I see pretty light, or when that pink little Birchbox arrives on my doorstep, if a Pitbull song that’s been stuck in my head for days plays on the radio, when I book a wedding with an adorable couple, at the fact that one of my images has been repined over 100 times on Pinterest…or when something or someone crosses my path and instantly inspires me! It’s just part of my chemical make-up! I care deeply, dream whole-heartedly, rest in reason, at times fail miserably {but try to fall gracefully}…and I chase passion “like it’s the last bus of the night” {terri guillemet}!

Knowing that I become discouraged when stagnate and need to be passionately fueled every now and then…it helps having others around who are the same way!! Having them around is inspiring! One morning over coffee and breakfast, my friend Teryn {make-up artist and hair stylist at Indulgence Hair Salon} and I sat for almost 2 hours and chatted about all the things that compelled us, challenged us, and encouraged us. With that, we decided that one afternoon we were just going to do a shoot…whatever we wanted…just for fun! Teryn and Becky wanted to play around with hair and textures and I wanted to have fun with off camera lighting at dusk. Honestly, since we decided to do the shoot right in the middle of wedding season, there wasn’t much thought put into a theme and concept. But what does it matter….there were no rules!! We were just a handful of girls having fun, tromping around in the bay, climbing on trunks and ladders, and stuttin’ braids, buns and bouffants! A huge thanks to Teryn, Becky, Autumn, Larissa and The Honey Hole in St. Andrews!!!


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