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After another wet and ra

iny weekend, the sun has decided to break through the clouds now that Monday has finally arrived!  Hope everyone’s Mother’s Day was wonderful!!  Yesterday morning I woke up to sweet hugs and kisses and as I rolled out of bed, I was greeted with these…

{images by Pure7 Studios}

I didn’t expect to start my Sunday morning with tear filled eyes.  I couldn’t help it.  These images and the love that went into them is worth more than any of those items combined in my {gift giving 101 for the husband} pinterest board!!!  I’ll truly treasure these always!  I don’t think I can thank Erica, Ryan, and Lindsay at Pure7 Studios enough!!

I pride my self in being rather quick on my toes and crafty in knowledge….yet somehow Jared and the boys managed to pull a session off with Ryan of Pure7 Studios without leaving so much a the slightest clue or any source of trails behind!  If you know me, you know I’m not big on secrets….that is when I know there is a secret.  Let’s just say I couldn’t even get Brayden to crack and fill me in on where and what they had up their sleeves!  The fact that my 3 year old didn’t reveal any clues even with bribery is slightly concerning.  However, it’s probably more concerning that I was trying to pull such information out of a 3 year old….

Without further ado, here are the winners to the Mother May I Giveaway!  I hope these gifts bring joy to you as they did to me!

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Jessica – “I just heard about these yesterday! Super cute idea!”


Lifestyle Family Session

Lindsey Elmore

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