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Let it be known, that even though we’re only 24 days into a new year, I’m quite confident I’m on the fast track to winning the 2012 mother of the year award. Tonight’s a prime example of my exemplary masterful motherhood skills at it’s best:

Me: e

xcuse me sir, can you please tell me where I might find birthday candles? They don’t seem to be where all the other birthday supplies are.
Target Employee: They’re going to be located with all the other candles on aisle C5
{i start walking in the direction he’s pointing in hopes he stop watching me because I clearly had no clue as to where aisle C5 was.}
Target Employee: No…keep walking ma’am. It’s straight ahead. On your Right.…your right ma’am…not your left. Yes, right there.
{I turn to my right and see all the home decor candle and am then even more confused}
Me: I’m sorry, I meant birthday candles. Maybe I forgot to mention what kind of candles I was looking for {clearly being nice and giving him the benefit of the doubt}
Target Employee: That’s strange…this is where they keep every candle imaginable. {I practically live in Target…and I have never seen birthday candles on the same shelves and yankee candles.} Let me go look where the birthday streamers are. Would you like to follow me?
{5 mins later and I’m still standing in the same place he left me}
Target Employee:I’m sorry but I’m afraid we’re all out of birthday candles.
Me: Oh. That would be my luck. Yes. I’m that mother who has waited until 15 minutes before her child is supposed to open presents and blow out his little candle to go buy his gifts and search for candles.
{Target employee looking perplexed as to why I was telling him this unnecessary information}
Me: Sorry…it’s been a long day. Actually make that month. Basically, I forgot about my child’s first birthday.

What did I get little Liam for his first birthday you ask? Well, I had intentions of getting him a beanbag chair from pottery barn with his name on it. And we all know where good intentions tend to take you…plain and simple that “oh where did the time go” scenario happened. Liam got clothes with all the tags still on it…all shoved in a bag without even so much as a piece of tissue paper. Thank heavens he won’t ever remember…if not because of his age…because the poor little guy had such a high fever he passed out before the cake ever even made it out!

After waking him up for cake and presents, he quickly passed back out. As I sat with him in the rocker listening to him trying to breath through his little stuffy nose…I could believe how from the second he was born, my heart doubled in size and I loved that little baby boy in ways that could not be put into words. My, how fast that first year went by…and how I treasured every moment. Even when he kept me up for nights on end…when he wakes up at 5am…when I catch him with dog food in his mouth…even then, its still an unspeakable love and joy! I may fail on the motherly duties at times, but at least he’ll know how much he’s truly loved.

baby pictures, baby with peppermint stick

baby pictures, baby eating a peppermint stick

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