great awakening

The older I get, the more I value time…and yet the older I get, the quicker time seems to slip from my grasp. How is it already a new year? Anyone actually think we’d ever make it to 2012?! Aren’t we supposed to be driving something way cooler than the Jettson’s flying cars by now?! I remember looking at the 2011 expiration date on my drivers license thinking 2011 was light years away! Well…obviously not light years, because walking through the DMV doors to renew my license seemed like an ever so recent deja vu moment that I would’ve rather not have been having. DMV upside: my new drivers license picture looks fantastic compared to my previous one….when i was 10 days away from birthing a baby. Swollen in Florida heat is a vast understatement! Well, if those Mayans were correct, I’m only going to be enjoying my pretty ID for 11 more months….and you better believe I’m going to be sure to show it every time I go out…carded or not! Oh…and I will be throwing a huge end of the year party! {New Years Resolution #42342: Throw more themed parties}.

They say if you write down your resolutions…you’re more likely to keep them. So here goes:

10: try and do at least 5 Pinterest DIY projects this year.

9: wear as many pretty high heals, shoes, and of course boots as my feet will allow

9.5: Be able to fit monthly pedicures into the family budget somehow

8: go the the beach more than just a handful of times. I live 2 blocks away…it’s not like i don’t have any excuses! Although…carrying sandy kids, chairs, umbrellas and what seems like a suitcase back up from the beach makes it far less appealing.

7: spend time investing in friendships that matter

6: take a family vacation that doesn’t involve the beach

5: Attend a photography workshop – to learn, grow, and be challenged.

4: enjoy sitting outside a coffee shop and blogging. If it’s 98 degrees and 100% humidity…inside a coffee shop is completely acceptable

3: Take more pictures of the ones that matter most to me. And the iPhone doesn’t count.

2: Shoot or at least book a wedding in the city I once called home {Pittsburgh}

2.5: to make sure I’m constantly reminding my husband and little boys how much I truly and whole heartedly adore them. even when i catch them watching tv with their hand down their pants….

1: Dream big and have the courage to pursue them…knowing that with God, all things are possible. And to remember that His plans are far greater than my own.


So….back to the whole “where did the time go?”. Not only do I ask myself this on the 1st of every month, but on the first of every new year. So…here we are again. Yet this year is bringing about changes right from the beginning! Big changes. Hold on tight changes. Exciting changes! Just when you think you’re on change overload {new home, new baby, new office, divorce, best friend moves, and endless travel}, there’s a tap on that unexpected door again! Ready to see what’s behind those unexpected doors of change?!?!!! {I’m envisioning God’s voice to sound like Rod Roddy’s from the Price is Right.}

“My dear Wesleyann, behind door #1 I have just for you….

No change at all. That’s right Wesleyann…You’re going to remain living along the beautiful sugar white sands here in the Florida Panhandle. Your plans involved moving to Atlanta, but my plans have been here for you and your family all along.”

“Oh…Ok. Thanks Rod…I mean God. So 8 months of hoping, waiting, and planning was all in vain?!? You mean I filled out all those preschool applications for nothing?! Are you kidding me?!”

That reaction….is the tame version. The real version involved a lot more talk and many tears. Silencing my voice and wiping away the tears in hopes of seeing things clearly through my blurred vision, I soon realized that staying put here along the Gulf Coast with family, friends, and Jared was to keep the wonderful job he has here…was really all apart of God’s plan. Despite the plans I had made for myself.

Door #1 of change…or lack there of…had been opened and walked through. One week later, it was on to door #2. The door that, for me, sealed behind it the biggest change of all.

“My dear Wesleyann, behind door #2 I have for you…

Big plans. I’ll show up and take care of you as I promised. I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for. {jer 29:11}”

Little did I know that those two little words, “dear wesleyann,” would soon lead to completely unexpected plans, far bigger than I ever imagined. Trusting God knows where he’s going…I’m just holding on tight!

Not to long ago, I went through all my instagram images from the past year. 2011 was crazy too….but so beyond rewarding!

a year in instagram images collage

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